Matthew Blount Post 555
Goals and Objectives

1) Develop initiatives to achieve programs that would lead to the American Legion “Post Excellence Award”.

  • Maintain 100% Filled Officer Positions
  • Obtain 100% memberships by end of 2015 calendar year
  • Maintain 100% membership renewal for 2015-2016
  • Obtain Legion Riders members to 15 for 2015-2016
  • Obtain 100% DD-214 Membership documents by end of December 31, 2015
  • Complete Post excellence requirements for 2016 consideration

2) Project a positive professional image in the local community and throughout the state of Alabama.

  • Legionnaires positive and professional participation in all the Post supported activities
  • Participation in local Community Support Activities in 2015
  • Develop Community Service Projects in 2015

3) Distinguish Post 555 as a model of success in Alabama.

  • Successfully initiating & supporting Boys and Girls State local participation for 2015 and ongoing
  • Successfully initiating & supporting local school Oratorical Program for 2015 and ongoing
  • Successfully initiating & supporting American Legion Baseball Team for 2015 and ongoing
  • Initiated and completed Community service project that included local youth and legionnaires for 2015
  • Chairperson for each program needs to develop Operational Guidelines for their program

4) Develop Service Officer Program Initiatives for Veterans and provide the service.

  • Publicize Service Officer Program availability to veterans for 2015
  • Tailor a local Service Officer program to meet the needs of veterans for 2015

5) Develop and maintain Operational and Organizational Structure.

  • Initiated, designed and successfully completed a functioning Organizational Structure
  • Recruited and assigned Post members to all positions
  • Consistently operationalize and adjust this framework as necessary to meet needs
  • Chairperson for each program needs to develop an Operating Budget for 2016 by September 30, 2015

6) Develop an Organization Document Review Committee.

  • Review and revise where necessary, all Post 555 operative documents under the direction of the Judge Advocate