Flag Rewards-Replacement

Post 555 Flag Detail – Supporting the American Legion Flag Rewards program and promoting patriotism in the community.


What is the American Legion Flag Rewards program?
The American Legion Flag Rewards Program exists to allow post members, friends, neighbors, local schools and businesses that choose to sponsor Post 555 the opportunity to buy their flags from The American Legion. Posts participating in the Flag Rewards program receive a 10-cent credit for each dollar spent on the purchase of American flags from the American Legion website. Every flag we sell is proudly made in the U.S.A. Every flag purchase directly supports programs that give help to America’s children, veterans, and military families.

Flag detail:
• The flag detail will replace American Legion Flag Rewards Program participants’ worn flags.
• The flag is raised or lowered while a bugle plays over the Post’s portable speaker and sound system.
• Generally, a flag detail consists of one team leader, two halyard pullers, and two to eight flag handlers.
o The purpose of the flag handlers is to ensure correct folding and unfolding of the flag and to ensure that the flag does not touch the ground. Two flag handlers are needed when raising or lowering the storm flag; six handlers, for the post flag; and eight handlers, for the garrison flag.
• During the ceremony, the team leader inconspicuously gives the necessary commands or directives to ensure proper performance by the flag detail.